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Eater Mailbag: E.U. Flood Followup, Truffled Ramsay

Before the Thanksgiving break, we'd be remiss not to delve into the mailbag, the contents of which get juicier by the week. (Our thanks to all who take the time to email.) Part one today, part two tomorrow. Yeehaw.


2006_11_eu1-thumbsm.jpg1) We was screwed! "I was at EU for my 9:00 reservation for 6. When I arrived, they told us we couldn't be seated because of the leak. They said they didn't have my number to call me, yet when I called an hour earlier to ask if they can seat 7, they said yeah but it might be tight. They didn't say 'There is a leak and don't come.' They said sorry and that was it. I was stuck on East 4th st. at 9:00 with 7 people and no reservation. I would think a new restaurant with the vibes that this restaurant gives off would have been a little more "apologetic" . Drinks? (3/4 of the restaurant was full) Perhaps come back again and we'll comp you something. It seemed bad protocol for a restaurant that can ill afford it. Needless to say everyone in my group said they would never go there. I'd rather squeese into the Spotted Pig for my Gastro-pub fix."

2) We was fairly treated! "I was there on Saturday night when the leaking was happening and I will say this: I didn't see a single person acting or looking cranky and the staff was quick to move everyone to new tables. I'd say in all, 20 seats were left unoccupied b/c of the leaking, and there was cerainly not 2 inches of standing water. The problem was obviously due to an apartment upstairs from the restaurant -- the door to the apartment building was left open when we were leaving and you could see water streaming from the ceiling and onto the stairs. And the food was very good -- best oysters I've had in a long time, lamb cassoulet, that damned pretzel roll sandwich and genius brussels sprouts slaw, Tokaji mousse with prunes -- and the waitress was able to speak intelligently about the good, reasonably-priced Spanish wine we ordered."

Ahead: early thoughts on Gordon Ramsay.


1) "I had dinner last night at Gordon Ramsay at the London. I never thought I'd say this, but there was too much truffle. Just because there are shaved truffles on top of a plate of food doesn't necessarily mean the dish will be great. I'd rather spend more money at Aquavit during herring week than go back to the London."

2) "I'm sure your readers will love to know that two seats opened up today for Gordon Ramsay. I canceled an early reservation for two in favor of Babbo (wife's decision)."

Tomorrow: BLT Burger mailbag fun + more!