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Menugate: Spot Inspection at Gordon Ramsay

MenuGate, Eater's ongoing investigation into the doings of the myriad online menu sites serving New York City, is back for some Monday AM fun.

2006_09_menugate.jpgThe question for this fine day is, Gordon Ramsay: Who's Got It? The opening of this one didn't exactly come as a surprise to anyone, so it would stand to reason that the menu, at least for the Front Room, should already be all over this great Internet of ours. The folks who secured the early resies are the same ones who might want to preview the menu, after all. So, without further ado, let's see who is in the game and who is snoozing.

1) Menupages: MENU AVAILABLE

2) Menutopia: NEGATIVE

3) Menupix: NADA



Menupages wins again. Overall, not an impressive showing. UPDATE: New York is in the game after all, though their search function could be a bit more adaptive.
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