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Shutter Crie du Coeur: Tang Tang

In the spirit of late lamented East Village sushi haven Tab Tos, blogger This Is What We Do Now issues a lament for the seemingly shuttered "greatest Chinese restaurant in history," Tang Tang, at Third Avenue and 20th:

Now you may be thinking to yourself "Chinese food is a dime-a-dozen. What the fuck does it matter?" Well it matters. A LOT. Ask anyone who has ever had the pleasure of eating at the holy grail of beef with broccoli, and they'll all tell you the same thing: You haven't eaten Chinese food until you've had Tang Tang. In fact, while no one's been able to verify it, many a satisfied Tang Tang patron has left their dining experience convinced the brown sauce contains crack cocaine... This senseless closing is even more perplexing considering that it couldn't have been hurting for business - given its proximity to the Police Academy on 20th Street, the place was practically standing-room-only during lunchtime on a daily basis.
While TIWWDN prays for the reopening of a rechristened Tang Tang Tang, anyone know more?
· The Day the Chinese Food Died [TIWWDN]

UPDATE: Miracles to happen: "Just called them. They are open and so is the one uptown. I've got cold noodles with sesame sauce on the way in celebration."

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