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Worst Karma Ever Award: The E.U.

Savvy filmmakers will want to snap up the movie rights to the Bob Giraldi/E.U. story as soon as possible. For in another couple of years a movie along the lines of Tucker: The Man and His Dream will have to be made. Giraldi has good ideas and painstakingly, if not a bit recklessly at the outset, orchestrated the opening of a nice enough restaurant -- pioneering, even, if it hadn't been delayed by 12 months -- yet he just can't get his house in order. Another weekend at E.U., another problem:

Saturday night at E.U. -- Apparently a pipe burst above the dining room. The entire east side of the restaurant was floating in a few inches of water. The staff was doing their best to accommodate grumpy patrons, but the scene was not good.

It was 8:00 on a Saturday night - the timing couldn't have been worse! Someone needs to extricate the bad juju in that space... or was this angry neighbors playing hardball?

Plus this is to say nothing of food that's widely been received as middling. From a Friday night diner: "By far the most enjoyable part of the experience was watching a woman unable to figure out that the bathroom doors were sliding and not push/pull." And from another, "I tasted inedible shrimp."

But it's so Avro-KO: Maybe Giraldi is just ahead of his time? If anyone has light to shed, by all means.
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