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Launches & Releases: Eat for Victory, TableSetter, Choptalk

1) It's not officially live yet, so consider this a preview of coming attractions, but the Village Voice is set to roll out its own food blog one of these days. Penned by staff writer Nina Lalli, and saddled with the awkward name Eat for Victory, the blog is cast in the Cutlets vein of restaurant news cut with home-cooking advice (and the obligatory greenmarket report) plus a dash of food-world pop culture. Unlike Cutlets (and, ahem, other blogs we shall not name), it's offering open comments. Go nuts out there, people. [Eat For Victory, rss (ugh, partial RSS feed—for shame, Village Voice)]

2) Queries an email in our inbox, "What happens when you take the best qualities of Zagat, Myspace, Monster, and Craigslist and cater it directly to waiters, bartenders and restaurant owners nationwide?" Why, the new industry site Launched two weeks ago by industry vet Jeffrey Greenberg, the site provides tools for networking within the industry. Downside: a long registration process before you can view anything on the site, and then a required survey once you're in to get access to the full resources. (To his credit, Greenberg says he's considering tweaking this.) Lots of potential here, but still a work in progress. [TableSetter]

3) Hardly fresh news, but we've been remiss in mentioning Gourmet's new food blog, Choptalk. It's a group blog that doesn't post often enough—only about one item a day—but the tone is smart and they're good about linking to sites and resources outside the Epicurious world. (Also, N.B. that there's a new weekly Ruth Reichl email newsletter, too.) [Choptalk]

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