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Kobe Club DeChellis-less, Sumile Getting Sushi Bar

Eater had a chance to check-in with the very talented Josh DeChellis this morning and we come bearing news. He and Jeffrey Chodorow have parted ways at Kobe Club. As DeChellis explained it, the concept of the restaurant had changed enough since its conception -- going from a Japanese temple of beef to a more traditional American steakhouse with Japanese flair -- that it made sense for him and JC to split. For the record, the parting was amicable and as for future Chodorow/DeChellis endeavors, JD said, "who knows what the future holds." As for Kobe Club, just yesterday Club officials indicated to us that the opening was not far off and the new kitchen seems to be on the track.

Of perhaps even greater DeChellis note, Sumile, Josh's much lauded Japanese den in the West Village, is getting a sushi bar all its own. Starting around December 15th, the bar will open, helmed by "Koji" (late of the Haru franchise), who's been a sushi maker in the states for many years and about whom DeChellis said, "he's very grounded with traditional sushi, but young enough where he's not adverse to doing things a little bit differently. No doubt he's going to be creating sushi we're all going to be extremely proud of."

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