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BREAKING PLYWOOD: Brian McNally Wine Bar

What's going to become of this patterned-bedecked beauty next door to the odious Fiddlesticks on Greenwich Avenue? Two words: Brian. McNally. Ahead, the full reveal.


Brian McNally, brother of the Keith, plans to open a wine bar in this space at 52 Greenwich Avenue. "This one you can bank on-- lease signed," emails an Eater correspondent. No opening date yet. Close neighborhood watchers will immediately note that the location is right around the corner from Keith's forthcoming Italian eatery on Waverly. This, of course, is a good thing.


Also, as long as we're lingering on the block, a neighborhood rumor from the same correspondent: "Gusto expanding into the Sushi place next to it on Greenwich avenue." We're dubious, insofar as there's already a sushi restaurant, Zutto, in the space. But there you go, your rumor du jour.

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