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EaterWire: More Ramsay, More Box!

· A random but potentially important observation, fresh in to the inbox: "I'm watching Al Jazeera online and there's a UN humanitarian official in Darfur who looks JUST LIKE Gordon Ramsey...." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Re The Box, one of the attending photogs himself emails to say, "just wanted to comment that the place is much smaller than the "1000-plus" you had estimated. I'd imagine it was about as packed as it will ever be last night, and it felt much more like 400 people tops, likely less. That was with standing room only, and any "dinner-theatre" tables that might be on the main floor taken out. I might be a bit off, and dunno what they've stated the official capacity is, but it's a reeeal narrow space, made narrower by permanent booths to the left and the right of the floor." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Cutlets Four stars the loos at Ramsay. "On your way out, a button slowly fades the room to pitch black. An opening in the counter for paper-towel disposal eliminates unsightly waste bins. The nondrying, mildly scented liquid soap is by Floris of London, a 275-year-old brand once favored by Florence Nightingale and Mary Shelley." Now all that's left for the king to conquer is the food. [Cutlets]

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