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Waverly Innsanity: RESY Watch

A restaurant opens, let's call it the Waverly Inn and Garden, and you want to check it out. You dial-up the place to make a reservation, they answer, you settle for whatever horrendous 5:30 or 11 remnant table they've got and mark the date in your calendar. You tip the head gatekeeper on the way out and next time you've got your 8 PM two-top. Simple as that, no? That would be a No.

It seems that the barriers to entry at The Waverly in these early days are epic. Though reservations are accepted, the various listed phone numbers don't work and are not meant to. In fact, Graydon Carter himself went on record as saying, "the listed phone number won’t get you anywhere. It just rings.” Yet, this being a restaurant, there must be a way. So, we made some calls.

miramax books -- 941 4049 -- uh, well, ah, ah, i have no idea, citysearch maybe?

conde nast -- 286 2860 -- two rings, hold, hold, i don't know anything about that, sir

vanity fair -- 286 8180 -- one ring, we don't take reservations for the restaurant, sir

office of anna wintour -- 286 xxxx -- i believe you have the wrong number, sorry which restaurant?, hold, , if there is an affiliation it wouldn't be through this office

office of anna wintour #2 -- 286 xxxx -- one ring, whom may i say is calling?, for which night?, i will leave a message for anna.

james wolcott's editorial assistant -- 286 xxxx -- one ring, hold, you'd have to call the restaurant, yes the editor-in-chief is involved, but we don't handle that here

office of harvey weinstein -- 941 3800 -- we don't take reserva-, pause, may i ask who is calling?

the office of graydon carter -- 286 xxxx -- ok, sir, what is your name?, when would you like to go?, how many people?, phone?, hold, i'll call you right back.

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Bonus: The Citysearch Blog (yes) tried getting a table with the email address -- -- that's been circulating. They got this note in response. Let's call it the The Official Waverly Inn Brush Off:


Thank you for writing. As we continue to work on the restaurant we are only accepting reservations from friends, family and neighbors. Would you be kind enough to reply with a brief description of your relation to The Waverly? If we cannot accommodate you at this very moment, we will be certain to keep your email address on file and notify you when we open our doors early next year.


- We will be open for Thanksgiving from 2:00pm to Midnight and serving our preview menu with a special Thanskgiving dish.
- All reservations requests submitted to Fritz take 60 minutes to process and are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation response.
- IMPORTANT: No email requests are accepted for the same day after 4pm."

Comments are open for communal tracking of Waverly Resy attempts.

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