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EaterWire: Morr's Stand '80-90% Finished', Cain Vespa at Odea!

· This is a special for the EaterWire, from the Plywood Report department: "Stand (pictured above) is going into the old Yujin space (12th University-5th Avenue)-- a couple of stores over from gotham (and accross from Strip House.) "The rare well-done burger restaurant." Looks quite ready to open, plywood still up but interior signage is up and construction looks about 80-90% finished." This is, of course, Jonathan Morr's (Republic, Bond Street) restaurant, which seems to be on track for November, as previously stated. The text of this sticker reads: "What people from the future are waiting for. Where meet and greet is meat and great. We'll give you a hint: homemade ketchup. You won't believe your fries. [EaterWire Inbox/PLYWOOD]

· "In the past couple weeks I've noticed a Cain-logo'd Vespa parked
outside the former location of Odea.
Perhaps Jamie Mulholland has his hands in the revamp of this bar?" Nothing like a good phantom website, too--Ed. [EaterWire Inbox]

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