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Ramsay III: Party Time

We have arrived, friends. This day, this glorious day, that we have waited for patiently for quite some time now, is upon us. For starting tonight, Gordon Ramsay at the London opens in all its glory, first to the media and money elite for an extra special opening night party, then to the general public thereafter.

As the Susan Magrino PR girls ready their gold-plated clipboards for tonight, each one holding a guest list printed on 30 lbs. presentation weight card stock, and Susan Magrino slips into her party gown, just this afternoon taken out of its plastic protective garment bag for the first time since her assistant fetched it from the alterations department at Bergdorf, we present to you our final pre-opening report on the last restaurant of the year vying for a four-star review.

As you can see from the photo above (the first photo of the Dining Room known to exist anywhere in the Milky Way), the dining room is a classic but rich sort of affair. Ramsay himself saw it completed for the first time this afternoon and remarked enthusiastically, "This is fucking great!" He then looked at his rotating dining room wall panels that have Day and Night settings, a pearl-ized finish with a relief on one side and a forest-like scene on the other, and added, "How does this fuckin' work?" (True.)

Interestingly, The London Bar, which is the more casual front room, seats 84 or about double the capacity of the formal dining room. Decor keywords for this space: glam, leather, curvaceous banquettes, hammered silver, limed oak floors.

Back to The Party. It's tonight and per semi-official sources, they're 'trying to keep it small.' This is to say that we highly encourage you to head on over to 151 West 54th Street at around 7 PM (official timing is 6:30 - 9) to see what's what. Put on a blazer, throw on a dress (don't do both) and enjoy. The good king Ramsay awaits your arrival.
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