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Tab Tos Upheaval Update: The Final Word

Let's wrap up last week's obsession with East 5th's Street sushi eatery Tab Tos, now d/b/a Fish Tail. An Eater reader emails what we're going to consider the final authoritative report:

I've been living in the nabe for the past couple years and started frequenting tab tos when sapporo east had a meltdown with their sushi quality. Now it looks like tab tos has as well. I know it's all because of the ownership change. The menu only serves really basic sashimi fact when I asked the waitress if they had any hamachi, she didn't know even what the hell I was talking about. What self-respecting sushi waitress not even know what hamachi is? And what kind of sushi restaurant doesn't even sell yellowtail? It's like not having miso soup or something.

The sashimi that came out was very badly cut... they looked like overgrown pink eraser slabs they had that chewy and sinewy taste. Cause the whole reason why people go to sushi restaurants and not just buy fish at the local sushi market is cause they lack the dexterity of cutting fresh have to cut on the bias, etc. etc. blah blah stuff that takes years of practice to perfect. But at least the overgrown salads were still good but definitely had less strips of fish in it. But I will not be going back.

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