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Very Special Shill: TONY Food Event Edition

Time Out NY, perennial favorite for least online-savvy publication on earth honors, dialed the absurdity up a notch on Friday when they started posting this shill to various blogs, plugging an upcoming NY-area event:

I just got this code for the Time Out New York [event dedacted]. I went last year, and there’s a bunch of restaurants giving out [redacted stuff] the whole night. There’s a coupon code (TONYVIP) you enter at check out so you can get them for 20% off your tickets if you buy them before Tuesday. [redacted pr babble].
To review, this exact graf has been posted as a comment to several NY food blogs. Even with our distaste for tasting events removed from the equation, it is, indeed, a special day for shill historians.

Anyway, if you know of said event and you are, against our strongest urgings to the contrary, planning on attending, do use the above coupon code so as not to pay more for it than you absolutely have to.
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