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Eater Inside: Lonesome Dove

[Photo by Kalina, 10/5/06]

It's on one of those anonymous Flatiron blocks that could be anywhere between 18th and 23rd. It got tons of prelaunch PR—then canned its PR firm on opening day. It cost the owner a fortune to rent. Er, no it didn't. Yes, it's Lonesome Dove, chef Tim Love's attempt to bring a slice of his native Texas to New York.

Eater operatives stopped in for a meal last week, and return with the following take-aways. 1) Nice animal-skin rug covering the sidewalk on West 21st. Wouldn't expect that to last the month. 2) Bar scene up front probably will be teeming; certainly was when we were there. 3) Restaurant scene in the back—a space that, Kalina magic aside—struck us as awkward and narrow, will be a tougher go.

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