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On Cut/Paste and the Danger of Combining with PR Materials

And now it's time for some late-day fun. We've been here before, though this time it's our dear friend Cutlets. We refer to the perilous practice of one cutting and pasting the text of a press release into one's own material, so as to adapt it into "editorial" text. In this case, because there is a chance the word our is used below to indicate New York's, we'll leave it to you to decide if this is a cut/paste job or a case of an unfortunately placed pronoun. Cutlets, take it away:

Gumbo man Lionel Key Jr. will pound sassafras leaves in an immense mortar and pestle made from a 150-pound cyprus tree, and N.O. chef John Besh will collaborate with our own Zak Pelaccio on a New Orleans–tribute menu.
· Free Food at 5 Ninth [Cutlets]