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EaterWire: Maxim Club, Russian Tea Room, Rocco

· First up, Chodorow's Midtown East venue English is Italian may once again go under the knife (recall that before it was English is Italian it was Tuscan and Tuscan Steak before that). From a well-placed source: "I heard that English Is Italia is going to be changed once again to "The Maxim Club." They're working the magazine and they want to make into, and I quote this anonymous source, "a high-end Hawaiian Tropic club." Ooooooookay. Wouldn't that be a strip club then? I wonder. [EaterWire Inbox]

· Cutlets: Rocco hits bottom and starts shilling for Bertolli. CutletsColor: "This had to happen: Rocco could not attempt a comeback until he reached the pinnacle of cheesiness, and even his appearance on didn't get him there. So what does the man have to say for himself? "Bertolli makes their dinners just like we do in the restaurant world." Wait — he's working in a restaurant now?" [Cutlets]

· BONUS RUSSIAN TEA ROOMAGE: Appropos of nothing, save for a tip that confirmed "RTR is set to repoen within the month," there is this:, not the official site for our Russian Tea Room. Do not skip the intro.