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Plywood Report BLT Edition: BLT Burger

A fair sum of Plywood today, so let's get to it. First up, a biggie.


An Eater reader emails, "I saw a sign today regarding deliveries for BLT Burger on the door that once belonged to Shorty's Seafood (6th Ave. between 11th and 12th). The space has been empty for quite some time now. I assume a new burger joint from the BLT empire is moving in at some point. Not sure if anybody has any details."

Sure enough. And amazingly for anything involving Laurent Tourondel, his forthcoming Village burger joint is flying somewhat under the radar; no details yet on opening plans. While we wait, enjoy your first look at BLT Burger's exterior, after the jump.


· Burgers, Burgers, Everywhere Burgers! [Chowhound]