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MenuGate: Spot Inspection at Lure Fishbar

Our on-going investigation into the performance and practices of the top menu websites continues today, with our second spot check on menu accuracy.

2006_09_menugate.jpgA spot inspection at Eleven Madison Park should go well. It is, after all, a famous Danny Meyer establishment. But what of a good restaurant that's garnered attention, but not Meyer-attention? Say, Lure Fishbar. (Menutopia, this is where you start to panic.)

Spot Inspection #2: Lure Fishbar, Dinner. Lure's menu changes rarely, though it underwent a near-total overhaul after the Great Prada Fire of 2006. Save for the swapping in and out of dishes based on seasonal fish, there aren't many moving parts on this menu. So, in theory, everyone should do well on their inspections here. By way of benchmark, the menu listed on the official site has four violations, all based on seasonal changes. So let's dive in, shall we?

New York Magazine: No menu available. Jesus H., Moss.
Menu Violations: N/A

Zagat: Credit is due to Tim & Nina for having their head in the game here. Their Lure dinner menu is as close as it could come to accurate with the exception of the seasonal updates. They've secured the post-fire menu, which as you'll soon see is commendable in and of itself.
Menu Violations: 5 (just one worse than the official violation talley)

Menupix: Menupix, home of the scanned menu -- which, when accurate, does make for a nice menu-browsing experience -- is the first of our double digit offenders today. Though it looks pretty, 'pix is playing with an out-dated menu of the wrong format and with the wrong categories. Gone are the days, for example, of the Lure Skewers, but you wouldn't know that from scanning this menu, which has the hollow promise of Sirloin Skewers marinated in sesame garlic and cilantro. Yum. But, no.
Menu Violations: 27 (17 raw violations + 10 point formatting fine)

Later today, the king, Menupages, goes under the knife; as does Menutopia, which has a massive problem on their hands.
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