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MenuGate: Spot Inspection at Lure Fishbar, II

Our on-going investigation into the performance and practices of the top menu websites continues today, with a second spot check on menu accuracy. Earlier, we looked at NY Mag, Zagat, and Menupix, which scored an N/A, 5, and 27 violations respectively. Now, on we go to the Menupages and Menutopia.

2006_09_menugate.jpgSpot Inspection #2, continued: Lure Fishbar, Dinner. Save for an overhaul after the Great Prada Fire of 2006, Lure's menu has proved consistent over time. By way of benchmark, the menu listed on the official site has four violations, all based on seasonal changes. On we go.

Menupages: Menupages, much like Zagat before it, did very well on this day. There were only 6 violations found on their Lure dinner menu, which ain't bad at all. Points were deduced for a phantom Soft Shell Crab beer battered -- a dish too dangerous to tease with -- and certain other seasonal slips. All-in, a good day for the menu king.
Menu Violations: 6

Menutopia: Menutopia boasts 6,923 menus in Manhattan. But, unfortunately, at least one of those is for a venue that no longer exists. That's right, friends, instead of a Lure menu, a search for Lure returned (as of this morning) the menu for 142 Mercer's former tenant, Canteen. So, if you went to Menutopia pre-visit to Lure and had your mind set on something mysteriously called the Canteen Mac n Cheese, forget it. You've been had. For shame, Menutopia.
Menu Violations: 50 - FAIL* (automatic fine awarded for menu left over from previous restaurant; repeat inspection required)

And so, to review, how they fared:

1. Zagat: 5 violations
2. Menupages: 6 violations
3. Menupix: 27 violations
4. Menutopia: 50 violations
5. New York: Disqualified

Our next inspection will feature a delivery menu. Those wishing to compete should start training now.
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*Menutopia had corrected the problem by press time. Their menu is now up-do-date and their follow-up score is 0.