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The Shutter: East 50s Carnage, Dojo East, LOSIDE!!!

The Shutter reports on bar and restaurant closings. Seen something close up in your neighborhood? The Shutter specialists are on call.

1) East 50s: An Eater reader emails from a neighborhood we don't hear enough about: "two restaurants have closed on 1st ave near 53rd st: Metropolitan Cafe and Columbus Bakery...the sign said they lost their lease."

2006_10_dojo.jpg2) East Village: A wonderful (temporaly) shutter tableau (right), via Eater Photo Pool contributor jcn. This is the venerable St. Mark's eatery Dojo East, home of cheap eats and 64 healthcode violations. For bonus enjoyment, click through to read the sign at left, which includes this promise: "WE WILL BE BACK." [Eater Photo Pool]

3) Chelsea: Another reader Shutter report: "The Cafe Rafaella at 134 7th Ave [at W18th] is closed. No sign on the windows, but it looks like they're either renovating or junking the works."

4) Lower East Side: Last but certainly not least, we've received an email from LoSide owner Brian Crawford. Let's share: "LOSIDE HAS Been rented for the period of Oct. 3d to Nov. 17 to be part of a feature film. Loside will be closed to the public during that time period and then will reopen with a renovated bar area, a new exciting chef and full liquor service. You may inform you readers. Feel free to poke fun at us, you always do." Per the Eater Deathwatch Committee, the matter is adjourned. [Deathwatch]