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BREAKING: Sirio Sabatoged at Le Cirque?

Late yesterday we received a note. Let's call it email #1:

"Chef Pierre of Le Cirque has been let go. They are trying to keep this out of the media."
By Chef Pierre, this tipster/saboteur is, of course, referring to Pierre Schaedelin, executive chef and Maccioni-appointed keeper of all off-the-menu secrets at Le Cirque. To suggest that he has been dismissed is no small matter. As such, by way of genuine reporting we made an inquiry with the office of one Sirio Maccioni. His response to the suggestion that his prize fighter might have been dismissed was, and we'll call this email #2:
“Pierre has not left Le Cirque, he has not gone anywhere and is still in the kitchen!”
At first blush, one could assume email #1 is nothing more than the bile of a disgruntled diner. However, either by chance or because he is on the inside said emailer referred to the the chef as 'Chef Pierre' (vs. Chef Schaedelin), which is the chef's default tag among Le Cirque insiders.

Ergo and thusly, either Sirio hasn't told the chef that he's doneski or, more likely, someone is trying to sabotage Le Cirque. And to our would-be saboteur we say: for shame. (Or, thanks for the tip, depending on how this all shakes out.)

Photo from our friends at The Daddy.