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Another LES Joint For Sale: Ronald's Pizza

Hold the fort: seems the entire Lower East Side is selling itself off. A savvy Eater reader catches this Craigslist ad, noting, "Another Lower East Side food shop gives up. Ronald's Pizza will be no more -- perhaps the interior was just a bit to creepy for the hipsters of the Bel-Del."

Some recall Ronald's as the pizza place rated above Per Se (temporarily) by New York. We don't really recall it at all. Anyhula, for those who'd like to carry on the tradition, the 11-year lease is up for grabs for $435,000, with this bonus touch: "Also included as a part of the lease is a large loft apartment upstairs. It is beautiful, roomy and recently renovated. There is a currently a tenant occupying the loft and would be paying you a monthly rent."
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