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Dept. of Plywood Corrections, Swedish Edition

Friday's Plywood Report proved the most controversial in ages. Herewith, crucial reader updates on two of its items.

1) Park Slope: A representative from Blue Ribbon emails, "please stand corrected on sidecar. former employee of blue ribbon is opening the place. other than that, no affiliation. but he is an awesome guy so we all hope it works out!"

2) Upper East Side: A trio of outraged emails! a) "regarding the article yesterday (friday 27th): Ulrika's was a swedish restaurant, not a Russian"; b) "Uh, wasn't ulrika's a SWEDISH restaurant (not Russian, like you mention in Plywood)?"; c) "I wanted to point out that Ulrika's was a Swedish not a Russian restaurant."

The readers who submitted the faulty intel have been disciplined. Eater deeply regrets the errors, and will strive to earn back your trust from this moment forward.
· Plywood Report: Sidecar, ex-Ulrika's [~E~]