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EaterWire: Neroni's Porchetta, Ametller, E.U.!

· Insta-review on Jason Neroni's triumphant return to New York: "i ate at Porchetta last night and it was delicious - fried pork belly with cauliflower puree and goldenraisins, sunchoke soup with braised bacon, and buttermilk panna cotta topped with a layer of jello made with moscato. the second best part? nothing on the menu over $20 and there was a 3 course early menu for $25." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Another update on Le Madeliene, this time from the Times City Section: "In July, Justice Faviola Soto of State Supreme Court in Manhattan ruled against Toney Edwards, Le Madeleine’s owner, but Mr. Edwards has filed an appeal and begun a petition campaign to save Le Madeleine, which in many respects is the very definition of a neighborhood restaurant. The meat comes from Piccinini Brothers on Ninth Avenue, and many of the patrons are from the surrounding apartment buildings. 'If we’re forced to move,” Mr. Edwards said, “more of the local color of Hell’s Kitchen will be blanched out.'" [NYT]

· Next up, news from our favorite West Village mom-and-pop: "Ametller was closed for 'cleaning' for 2 days last week. Didn't open one of the days this weekend, with no explanation. Closed as of 9:30am this morning, although it recently announced that it was becoming a 24/7 place, and had been opening at 8am for the last 3 months." Also of note here is that the venue has applied for a liquor license, per materials posted in its window. [EaterWire/Inbox]

· Just a quick mazel mazel to E.U., which it turns out opened as quasi-promised on Friday night. The Chow set has an opening weekend report, which sounds positive. However, in an unbelievable, unbearable twist the "wine list was not available yet - only the bottles offered by the glass." [Chowhound]