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Pinkberry Rising: Upper East Side Cometh

[Eerie Ktown Pinkberry interior by marikosuave via Eater Photo Pool]

Having risen on West 32nd Street, and preparing to open further south in Chelsea, frozen yogurt sensation Pinkberry is readying its third outpost. Per two separate Eater reader reports: "I noticed that another Pinkberry is "coming soon" on the southeast corner of 82nd and Second Ave"; "Just FYI there's another Pinkberry slowly gestating through its plywood period on the south west corner of 82nd St and 2nd Ave. Just an 'opening soon' on the signage - no firm date."

Meantime, the critical reaction is rolling in. Join us after the jump for a taste.

1) An Eater reader emails, "I just wanted to add my 2 cents that Pinkberry IS pretty darn delicious. After reading what some of those chowhound jagoffs were saying about it, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. Creamy, tangy, and just the right amount of sweet. I went in at 6:45 last night. No line at all. The incredibly friendly manager made me feel like i'd made his day by ordering my plain yogurt with kiwis. 'Don't you just loooove kiwis? I loooove kiwis!' Pretty magical stuff."

2) From another Eater reader, another idea: "i've had pinkberry in LA. and yes, it's 100 times better than tasti-d...but i'm still a fan of the plain yogurt at 40 carrots in the depths of bloomingdales. get it with melba sauce, it's pretty ridiculous."

3) Finally, a dissenting view, this from blogger Eat Drink One Woman: "The verdict? Um, that shit is nars-TY. Like pukey ice milk. No joke. Send it back to L.A. We'll trade for some of that Armenian garlic chicken or Ruen Pair or Monterey Park dim sum or Little Tokyo crepes with matcha ice cream and red bean please." [via The Food Section]

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