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Tab Tos Update: 'Haven't Noticed Anything Different'

Yesterday afternoon, we passed along word from an Eater reader that East 5th Street sushi secret Tab Tos had changed hands—and, in the process, gone to hell. Another reader writes to chisel additional complexity into the situation:

Just a quick note to say that I've been to Tab Tos three times since the change in management -- as recent as last week -- and I haven't noticed anything different about the food. Granted, I might not have a sensitive enough palette, but it tasted the same to me. It's the same chef, thank god... And they even brought back one of the best old menu items, the salmon roll in the white seaweed with roe. I've been going to Tab Tos on a weekly basis for over two years now! I HOPE nothing else changes....
Hmmmm. A tale of two palettes? Can we get a third?
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