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BLT Burger: From Rumor to The Robs in 21 Days

Those in search of an example of how this here Internet has sped up the press cycle for a new restaurant need look no further than the hot-off-the-presses example of BLT Burger. Less than 48 hours ago it was still rumors and plywood, with a projected opening of "hopefully next Tuesday." By close of business yesterday, The Critics Rob had turned around their opening announcement, complete with first impressions and a photo (via Cutlets). Next Wednesday, when Flo Fab runs the opening in Off the Menu it'll feel like a throw-back. This thing has gone down quick, 'ey Jennifer Baum?

Anyway, because we are not in the business of quelling hype, ahead is the menu revealed in all its BLT Empire glory!

(click for full menu, with thanks to AHT)