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Fornino Pizza God Opening on LES Next Week

In a routine stroll down Norfolk Street an Eater operative happened upon one Michael Ayoub, of Williamsburg's Fornino fame, exiting the plywooded storefront at number 133. A short time later, we had the following facts:

Sometime next week, likely on Wednesday, November 1st, Ayoub along with his master pizzaiola Nicola Bertolotti will open Cronkite Pizzeria and Wine Bar. The venue will feature roughly 25 varieties of pizza, including a Margherita; a mozzarella, wild arugula, parmesan, and prosciutto pie; and the Salsiccia Di Agnello, which has lamb sausage, bel paese, mozzarella, roasted peppers, and fistachios.

Open late (2 am, Friday and Saturday), check; serious wine list, check; delivery (212-375-1500), check. Our sincere apologies for not giving you more time to be giddy with anticipation.

UPDATE: Further reading at Slice.