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Eater Inside: STK

[Kalina, 10/24/06.]

Located at the very center of the Meatpacking District, in geography and spirit, this is STK. It is officially “a steakhouse with a conscience and sex appeal,” though the steakhouse has thus far taken back seat to the sex appeal--namely the design, scene, and even the menu, where steak and non-steak offerings are given equal playing time (to sate less carnivorous, more tightly-clothed eaters most likely).

Though there are bright spots, especially among the more adventurous side dishes, STK as a place for serious beef enthusiasts falls short. But, again, that's mostly besides the point. Take this choice bit from official press materials:

In creating STK, Icrave took their greatest inspiration from the world of theater, specifically, from the starkly lit set designs of Robert Wilson. In the dining area, for example, theatrical barn-door lights drop a soft spot of light onto each table, illuminating parties of diners, while bubbles of light sparkle in the darkness overhead. To encourage interactions among guests, casual open seating is equally comfortable as a meeting spot for after-work drinks as for an informal meal. Smoky mirrors allow patrons to catch glimpses of each other and a catwalk sneaks between banquettes providing space for impromptu encounters.
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