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EaterWire: BLT BURGER OPEN, More!

· AHT scores the exclusive first look at BLT Burger, which, right under our damn nose, opened five days early. (It is no longer advisable to remain calm.) His photo is above. We're told a full Kuban report is to follow by the day's end. [AHT]

· Gino's labor dispute update: "We went last night to have one last meal at Gino's and were told that the union problem has been resolved and that there was no truth in the story that the restaurant was going to close. The place was so jam-packed that I'm entertaining the thought that the owners spread the rumor themselves." [Mouthfuls]

· It's a little too early to call this officially, but it appears as if TONY has lifted its archaic password gateway. All food content is gloriously available to the public. [EaterWire; TONY]

· Late Breaking Dish Update #1: "Apparently there's a market for a bar in the East Village catering exclusively to Bears. Last night I walked by Big Lug, a new gay Bear bar on Avenue A near 6th St where Route 85A used. There was long line of bearded Bears standing outside around 11PM." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Late Breaking Dish Update #2: "Famous Jack Kerouac, Dizzy Gillespie, and Joe College hangout the West End Café has officially reopened for business--"about five minutes ago," a publicist told The Observer late Thursday afternoon. Albeit with a slightly altered moniker: Havana Central at the West End." [The Real Estate]