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Michelin Head: 'they all know the reason why they lose a star'

In a stroke of interview genius, UrbanDaddy took good advantage of a sit down they scored with Jean-Luc Naret, Director of Michelin Guides and the man ultimately responsible for the inexplicable and highly unsettling de-starification of Nobu. Let's go to the transcript.

UD: let's get deep. What's up with the Nobu star drop?

JN: There's always a good reason to lose a star. It's about consistency. Sometimes somebody's losing interest, they're not consistent anymore—there's always a good reason. Inside themselves, they all know the reason why they lose a star.

Unless, of course, yours is a stuffy French affair. For those places, stars will only be deduced in the event of closure.
· Thoughts from the Michelin Man [UrbanDaddy]

UPDATE: We're alerted to the following, which happens to be rather eloquent as well:

UD: What’s the best city in the world for food?
JN: For diversity, New York. For technique, Tokyo. For creativity, Spain and France.
And for overall experience, the city he likes best is Europe.

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