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BLT Burger: Pls Remain Calm Until Tuesday

Following our receipt of quite a few reader inquiries and declarations to the effect of it's opened!!!!!, we dispatched a field agent to Laurent Tourondel's post-plywooded BLT Burger to suss out the situation. The facts are as follows:

1) We have seen the menu. It will have approximately five varieties of burger, from the traditional beef to the more adventurous tuna. Accoutrement and such per standard Tourondel specs. Price point hovers around $8, before extras.

2) Though the layout of the short-lived Shorty's on the Half Shell is preserved, none of the kitsch remains. We're talking stripped down bistro aesthetic now, without the tebac display, with plasma screen. Seating for approximately 40 in a dining room, with another 10-15 seats at the bar.

3) There will be delivery.

4) Projected open-to-the-public date is "hopefully next Tuesday."

· Plywood Report BLT Edition: BLT Burger [~E~]

BONUS BURGERAGE: Though we'd kinda sorta mentioned this already, now it's official. Rachel Ray is opening a burger joint. She'll feature 190 varieties of burger on a rotating basis. We hear that she'd like to find space in Times Square, though for a time there was talk that she'd take over the E.U. space. [Fishbowl via AHT]