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The Gatekeepers: Mario Haro

On we go with The Gatekeepers, a photo series we've commissioned from Michael Harlan Turkell. For the next several weeks, we'll be presenting portraits of The Gatekeepers: the very folks that stand between you and some of your favorite impossible-to-get tables. Previously on The Gatekeepers: Iris Espinosa of Mary's Fish Camp; Ivilisse V. Esguerra of Mas.


Critical darling Saul has been a fortress for several years now, with dinner time waits often trailing north of 90 minutes. The gentleman at the door on most nights is Mario Haro.

Mario: "Last year’s one Michelin Star rating really packed people in. This should be our biggest year yet. Only 50 or so seats, and everyone wants a 7-9PM dining window. We are diplomatic, and democratic, 1st come 1st serve basis, many say “we know the owner,” which in most cases is true, but I can’t bump someone on the list. Your best bet is to call a week in advance or keep trying, because there are cancellations. Also, tastings aren’t on the menu, but can be requested by dinners, with wine pairings."