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The Drying of NYC: Inside Mehanata's Re-Up

On Friday, we reported a rumor that famed Bulgarian Bar Mehanata, formerly housed on the corner of Broadway and Canal before briefly reopening on Ludlow Street earlier this year, is gearing up for another run at a liquor license. Turns out that intel was correct: the issue is on the slate at the Community Board 3 meeting tomorrow night.

Both sides, naturally, are pulling out all the stops. As we saw back in July, Mehanata is skilled at using the interwebs to round up supporters to speak in its defense. Now, opponents are doing the same. After the jump, courtesy of an anonymous tipster, the email from one angry resident to the community board. It's the Drying of NYC, played out in realtime over the net, for your sublime entertainment.

From: [redacted]
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 11:04 AM
Subject: "NO" to: Mehanata Bar on Ludlow

Hi Ms. Selzer,

Once again, I call upon you again to uphold the community board's current decision regarding the transfer of its liquor and cabaret licenses. I live right beside the proposed site and am already fed-up with all the noise from the bars already located on the street. However, the Menhata space has had a history of problems with drugs, noise, and disturbing the peace. Having lived on Ludlow Street for almost [redacted] years, I have seen alot of changes take place in the LES (some good, but for the most part bad), and I think allowing this establishment to open with liquor and cabaret license would be a great injustice to the hard working citizens who live in the community.

Per a conversation I had with a [redacted], I was told the "force does not need a place like this opening in the LES". Supposedly, their opening party was riddled with underage drunkards, drugs, noise, and a totally disrepect for the law and our community.

Please maintain your stand in denying Mehanata of its liquor and cabaret licenses. Susan, I know you will do what is in the best interest of the citizens of the Lower East Side,


Ludlow Street Resident

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