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Cartering of Ye Waverly Inn Nearing Completion

No, friends, your eyes do not deceive you. Indeed, this glorious photo, taken just this morning, shows a blurred but decidedly complete front room of the new Ye Waverly Inn, Graydon Carter's homage to himself and the West Village. She's been a long time coming, but word as of this morning from (un)officials on location is that the venue will be open "within the next two weeks." Kindly commence hysteria.

BONUS YE WAVERLYAGE: A rumor has circulated and it goes like so: The Graydon anticipates such a high volume of chauffeured vehicle traffic at his new restaurant that he petitioned (or had an underling contemplate petitioning, depending on which version of the story you believe) the city to have parking and traffic regulations changed on Bank and Waverley Streets. He wanted to be sure that traffic on Bank doesn't get too snarled up, as his own townhouse is on Bank and the sounds of cars idling and horns blaring at all hours will not be a good look for the otherwise quiet street. One proposed CarterFix: change the direction of traffic on both streets.