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EaterWire AM Edition: Incidents at BLT Fish, Dirty Bird, Bar Minnow!

Late yesterday and this morning, we received word of three separate restaurant closings, all incident related. Here now, status reports on those venues.

1) INCIDENT: "Does anyone know what happened this evening at BLT Fish on 17th Street? I was rushing by on my way to the subway and saw 3 fire trucks and an ambulance. The workers were all coming down the stairs and out of the place, and the patrons were outside sipping their drinks from across the street and looking toward the building…I didn’t get a chance to ask anyone ‘cause I was late for dinner. The street was closed and no car could drive by. STATUS: According to the restaurant, they'll be open for business as of 5:30 tonight.

2) INCIDENT: "tried to get lunch at dirty bird despite all the signs that point to bad idea. Lo and behold, those poor employees were sitting in the dark because they just had a power outage and were only serving chicken fingers and sides. No thanks to the unrefrigerated chicken - off to popeye's i went. STATUS: Open today; "full menu available."

3) INCIDENT: "Any word on the sudden closing of The Minnow/Bar Minnow on the corner of 7th Ave & 9th Street? Health Dept. violation was posted on the 13th alongside a sign from the owners that this is 'strictly a permit issue'. Supposed to open on Tuesday but alas they are still shut down. Didn't know you needed a permit to serve fish to the smug and self righteous. At least the free wi-fi is still up and running." STATUS: Still temporarily shuttered; no status update available at the Department of Health.