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Adventures in Shilling #002

It's time now for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we celebrate the grossest shills from the Eater Inbox and beyond.

1) This first baby, re Pappardela, comes to us from Citysearch:

The service here is extraordinary! I have no idea of what that one user was talking about when they said that 'it lacked' or something, because all of the busboys, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and even the restaurant manager came over to accommodate us in any way possible. Between their concern for our satisfaction, the way they allowed us to switch tables, and get the food to us immediately was terrific. I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant to everyone!

Shill Probability: 89%

2) Next, also from Citysearch, a shill for Macchiato Espresso Bar in midtown. Note tell-tale caps lock and the highly aggressive invocation of 9/11:

BEST ESPRESSO EVER, GREAT ATMOSPHERE, FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART! I went to cafe Macchiato while in the city on business (I am in 3x per week), I found this place from a colleague that told me that if I want the best coffee in NY to go to this Espresso Bar. I have traveled the world over and had many a cup-of-joe, and this was not an ordinary experience, the people were polite, accommodating and so generous with free samples of all fresh baked products. I sat looking out a huge window and read the NY Times while watching this place boom. I can only hope that more people will try this hidden treasure. We have lunches quite often at the office and I hope that they will soon deliver (if they are not already). I did not want to let it go un-noticed that the place was also IMMACULATE - and for NYC that is a miracle on its own. Friendly staff, outstanding coffee, sandwiches that were made to order and the NYC feel makes me feel proud of being a New Yorker especially coming up on the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, it is so nice to see a establishment that cares to bring NY what they need a safe place to have coffee, healthy food and kindness - A RARE COMBO AND VERY RARE FIND!! TRY THIS PLACE!!!!!

Shill Probability: 93%

3) Finally today, there is a fancy pants MePa shill, on 5 Ninth, fresh in from New York's new reader review pages:

Fantastic brunch spot in a beautifully restored townhouse. 5 Ninth is a sure bet for innovative brunches without waiting in huge lines. Also, I highly recommend the upstairs bar if you need to take refuge from the monolithic Pastis crowd on Friday or Saturday night. On several trips this year the service has been hit or miss, but the food makes up for the wait staff's occasional missteps. Take advantage of the relaxing garden in back on nice weather days.

Shill Probability: 98%

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