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The Shutter: Café Ari, Byzantio

The Shutter reports on bar and restaurant closings around town. This week, The Shutter is merciful. May we all be so lucky next week.

2006_10_ari.jpg1) West Village: An Eater correspondent sends along the cameraphone pic to the right, noting, "Café Ari on Greenwich Ave at 6th Ave: Finito."

2) Astoria: The Shutter hasn't ventured to Queens in awhile, so we're indebted to neighborhood blog Alpha Astoria for this report: "Byzantio is no more. One assumes their ongoing battle with Zodiac to be the top café on the corner of 31st St and 28th Ave was finally lost when we stopped by and proved that yes, American girls are bitches. We’re sorry Byzantio. On the other hand: Congratz to Zodiac, you’re number 1!!!!!" We have no idea what this means, but we love it. [Alpha Astoria]

Seen someone close up shop? Ring the bell and the staff will be right with you.