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Babbo's New Wine Cellar

Save for the folks who write about food for a living, few people realize that Mario Batali does not do public relations. Sure he may have his assistant shoot Flo Fab a note from time to time, but aside from such instances, Molto lets the buzz come to him. (He is not, as some have suggested, a Baum client.)

So, then, is it not shocking that we first read about Babbo's new wine cellar dining room at Gotham Gal, who by sheer luck and circumstance happens to have dined therein recently. Her report:

There is a new area in the basement of Babbo that is fantastic. A large wine cellar where we had drinks that is perfect for an intimate dinner party. The wine cellar is stocked to the brim. There is something very sexy about hanging out in a wine cellar. Next to the wine cellar is a small bricked room that can seat comfortably about 16 people tops. On one end is a glass window that peeks into the salamis, prosciutto's etc curing. Very cool. I felt like we were somewhere in Italy. Wonderful space.
So there it is. BREAKING: New Wine Cellar at Babbo. Kalina has been dispatched. Also, Augieland and Restaurant Girl: why aren't you dialing yet?
· Babbo [Gotham Gal]

UPDATE: Gotham Gal blogs: "Babbo's secret cellar is not for the public eye. My bad. I would have still blogged about it but this intimate dining experience at the present time is for "family and friends" only. I was probably told this but it obviously did not make it into the "enter" category of my brain. Too much fun and way too much wine." And here we said Mario didn't have a PR machine.