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Deathwatch Committee Notebook

Two matters worthy of contemplation have gathered on the desk of the Deathwatch Committee. Let's sort through them.

2006_10_bonus.jpg1) An alert Deathwatch reader emails, "Just wondering if you've ever tracked early Deathwatch potential via Opentable's Bonus Point reservation restaurants. Seems like it could be an early indicator. Included (among others) in this week's 'New Bonus Points Restaurants: Ono, Paradou, and Crema."

The Deathwatch Committee nods.

2) Our colleague Cutlets prints an upbeat letter from the owner of Jovia (Deathwatched 3/30/06) that, when not discussing chandeliers, discusses the restaurant's pulse: "Our new executive chef Eben Copple has been at the helm since July and the restaurant is doing quite well. I hope you will stop in for a bite so you can see for yourself that it's business as usual."

The Deathwatch Committee nods.