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Ramsay III: Cue the RESY Watch

Can you taste it, floating on the breeze? A bitter bite, suffused with an topnote of arrogance? Yes, we're exactly a month out on the opening of Gordon Ramsay at the London. Which means that today is RESYday—the lines are allegedly open, with reservations being granted for the first two months' of Gordon's New York sojourn. To wit:

Gordon Ramsay at the London: 212.468.8888
The London Bar: 212.468.8889

Eater operative calls to the main line early this morning were met with a rapid-fire beeping—the kind of beeping that means the call didn't go through. Seems the lines aren't switched on yet—or there's already a Ticketmaster-like deluge of calls blocking the circuits. Do let us know your experience.
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