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Ramsay III RESY Update: Dropping a Deuce

Per the Eater inbox: "Started calling at 11:50 am using two lines and redial and about 18 minutes later got through directly to a reservationists, no hold time or pre-recorded music. Got a deuce on the 27th at 9pm, the exact spot we were looking for. Pretty good experience so far."

Live the dream. Today, all things are possible.
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UPDATE: ... or, er, not. Emails another correspondent, "Called on and off all morning to a nonstop busy signal, finally got a ring … no one ever picked up after over 100 rings." Seven minutes later, another email from this correspondent: "Just got through, and they hung up on me … ouch!! Called right back, got through again and secured a reservation. Shaky start."

UPDATE II: Another reader report: "I got through after 45 minutes (around 9:45 am) and got a reservation on my requested Saturday night in December. they said their phone lines had technical difficulties in the beginning due to the heavy volume of calls. the reservationist was very nice and charming. "

UPDATE III: "I tried around 2pm. Took about 10-15 minutes of busy signals or dead air, but got an early dinner (6:45) on a sunday in december (right after our broadway matinee lets out). There were still 10 and 10:15 reservations available on the weekend days when i called (I had her check a few days). They were very friendly."