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Levine to Tim Zagat: 'I Call Bullshit'

Establishing for the record that Ed Levine Eats will not be relegated to top 5 lists, Ed Levine, aka Tim Zagat's Worst Nightmare, dropped the hammer on the survey man today. Levine called him out for listing Telepan as the top newcomer of 2007. (Please ensure you're wearing proper eye protection before continuing, as you may be hit with flying shards of Tim Zagat:)

Guess what? Telepan, a restaurant I really like by the way, is less than a five minute walk from the Zagat's house. So I find it very hard to believe that Tim and Nina Zagat eating there quite often didn't affect the Best Newcomer ratings and outcome. I have interviewed Tim many times, and we are always cordial and friendly when we see each other at events, but at some point he should fess up that his personal preferences and opinions matter more than other individual Zagat surveyors.
They don't call him the Missionary of the Delicious for nothing, bitches.
· Tim Zagat Likes Close to Home Cooking [Ed Levine]