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Launches & Reviews: New Blogger Extravaganza!

At this time, we call six, count 'em six, new blogs to the Eater dancefloor. They're all over the map, but drawn together by inspiring new takes on this here business we call eating. With open arms, we welcome them to the fray. And we hope you enjoy them, too.

2006_10_dethroner.jpg1) It's not expressly for eaters, but Dethroner with its easy style and keen editorial filter is easily in the running for blog debut of the year. (Not that Dethroner's king, Joel Johnson is a rookie; his last stint was at Gizmodo.) We give it points for bringing some thing new to the men's space as well. More relevantly, just today they posted on nine bar-mapping sites, a roundup of drinking maps and, for jet-setting drinkers, as useful a post as we've seen anywhere in some time. [Dethroner; rss]

2) Accomplished author and food writer Michael Ruhlman is now a blogger too. His blog, which so far has focused on food observations and useful links to his offline writing, has gotten quite a bit correct out-of-the-gate. Of course, he cut his blogger teeth at Megnut, which is like getting an MBA from Harvard before starting a business (though it's a teensy tiny bit early for him to be doing a blogging how-to). Hat tip to him, for example, for wasting no time linking out to other blogs and for getting Bourdain up on the comments. [Ruhlman; rss]

2006_10_porkchop.jpg3) The Porkchop Express, part Amateur Gourmet, part Bruni Digest, part genius, celebrated its six-month anniversary last month, signaling, hopefully, that it's here for the duration. The 'Chop's beat is Bahn Mi and assorted other Chinatown and/or Vietnamese food reviews, but we award this blogger style points for the non-reviews, too. Check out his intro-manifesto, an excellent taxonomy of online food reviews. [Pork Chop Express; rss]

4) Any blog that claims to operate at the "tiny intersection where fashion and carbs meet" gets an automatic Eater call to the dance floor. Though the Gastro Chic does not always stick to food, and she can ramble a bit (and might be a tad gulliable), she has shown hints of genuine inspiration. Take note: bubble tea is over. [Gastro Chic; rss]

5) In a more specialized category, nut-allergic blogger, there is Please Don't Pass the Nuts, who has been policing restaurants on their nut policies since August. Her gourmet tendencies have made for a good read regardless of one's own nut stance; for instance, we now know that Franknlin Becker of Brasserie is one of the more accommodating chefs in town. Who knew? [Please Don't Pass the Nuts; rss]

6) Finally, though they may be a tad cat-happy, NYC Crumbs has come out-of-the-gate strong, with photo-heavy reviews and relaxed food prose. We give a a site credit, too, for filing on Pearl Oyster Bar and diving deeper than the lobster roll. [NYC Crumbs; rss]

We miss one? Do let us know.