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EaterWire: BLT Burger Details, Bruni Watching, ResyWire!

· More on BLT Burger (above), which per Flo is a couple of weeks out: "I was told that Nina Muther will be the chef there. She was the sous chef at BLT Fish and Steak and previously worked at Oceana, Tabla, and Cafe Boulud. Looking forward to see her conquer the burger!" [EaterWire Inbox]

· Random Bruni-watching: "I just went to [redacted] for lunch and had a long conversation with [chef]. He told me a juicy Bruni tidbit. On one of his two visits to [restaurant], Bruni rode in on a scooter. Not a Vespa--a scooter. He was also wearing running shorts and a fanny pack. Is Frank just a sartorially-weird scooter enthusiast, or was this an attempt at disguise? Note: if you decide to publish the scooter bit, [chef] doesn't want you to mention him or [restaurant]. Bruni still hasn't reviewed the restaurant and [chef] doesn't want to incur his ill will. [EaterWire Inbox]

· Resy Spot-Check: lonesome dove -- 212 414 3139 -- this is jamie, one sec, around what time?, hold, yes we can do 8. [ResyWire]