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Zagat Drops 2007 Book

Tim & Nina release their 2007 survey today. For some the book is a directory, for others it is the go-to volume for the perennial question of, Where should we eat tonight? Regardless of your camp this is a crucial day for all but the most elite restaurants, for a good categorical ranking signals a prosperous year ahead (more often than not). In perhaps the most important category, "Top Newcomers," here are the top 10:

1. Telepan
2. The Orchard
3. Ureña
4. A Voce
5. Morimoto
6. Country
7. Del Posto
8. Cookshop
9. Buddakan
10. Bouchon Bakery
Indeed, at the very least, each of these restaurants have qualified for Deathwatch immunity in 2007. As a bonus to all, this year Zagat also includes a handy-dandy fold-out map of newcomers, which will certainly encourage patrons to stop in.

Ahead, the results of the most prestigious category, "Most Popular," and the Zagat Survey official report on the New York restaurant industry.

In the Most Popular Category we find per se and Nobu absent, the latter of which was bumped from the top 10 this year:

1. Gramercy Tavern (last year: 1)
2. Union Square Cafe (2)
3. Le Bernardin (5)
4. Babbo (3)
5. Peter Luger (9)
6. Bouley (8)
7. Gotham Bar & Grill (6)
8. Daniel (4)
9. Jean Georges (11)
10. Blue Water Grill (7)
Tim & Nina's book being a survey, there is plenty more data to sort through, including NY's performance in "culinary diversity" (25), "culinary creativity" (25), "hospitality" (15) and more. Those who enjoy statistics will want to examine the below documents carefully.
· Zagat Releases 2007 NYC Guide [Zagat; .pdf download]
· Zagat Survey 2007 Summary [Zatgat; .pdf download]
· Chefs, Exhale: Zagat Makes Its Appearance Today [NY Sun]
· Cost in Translation [NYP]