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Double-Club Carnage: Nest, MonkeyTown

It's not a pretty morning-after in clubland. To wit...

1) An Eater reader emails, "Coming home from the grocery store, I turned the corner and saw five fire trucks on my block in Chelsea. As I got closer I began to panic because they were focused around my building. As it turns out, the fire was in the next building over. The building is occupied by the club Nest, which opened and then closed and then reopened and then closed again and was supposedly scheduled to open again this month. This 'rubbish fire,' as the firefirghters described it, may delay the re-reopening. I overheard a neighbor mention that the community board would not be shedding any tears over this incident. Thought I'd pass along some pictures (above)."

2) For those thinking about going into the nightlife business, this posting from the owners of Williamsburg eatery/club MonkeyTown should be required reading. One choice excerpt: "So. If you know of any person who would like to support our enterprise in a very big way, by benefaction or investment, please have them contact us at our main email." Read the whole thing; looks like they've got about a month left (surprise benefactor notwithstanding). [MonkeyTownHQ]