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HoodWatch: Nancy Whiskey Pub

As is the case at Curbed, this week we're taking a special look at North Tribeca, the micro-neighborhood bounded by Canal, No. Moore (and Walker), and Broadway.


On this here side of the tracks, at Eater, the focus of HoodWatch will be on the venues -- present, past and future -- that make make this micro-neighborhood complete. Last week we posed the question, What venue would you be most sorry to see close? Here now, the first of your responses.

"Even though I suck at table shuffleboard and inevitably lose 15 to 3 or something, I would be bummed if the Nancy Whiskey closed. It rules. My friend spilled a full pint on the bar there last week, and for no reason the bartender gave us 2 free ones - maybe he was trying to cure his idiocy. I've heard the cheeseburger is good there, but I just can't bring myself to order it. The place really is pretty gross-looking."

So then, what's your North Tribeca story?