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What's Wrong with this Picture, Mr. Starr?

In response to our query, you said, for example:

meatpacking district begins below 14th street?

Since when does the MPD extend beyond 14th street?

You know, I just got into a discussion yesterday with someone who claimed that Del Posto was in the Meatpacking district. I took the seemingly logical position that it was not technically in the meatpacking district since the Meatpacking district was TECHNICALLY below 14th street. Who claims this map? Why do they keep changing the damn rules?? Will this god-awful neighborhood stop with the incessant creeping? Can somebody please repopulate those streets with pig guts and Tranny hookers again? PLEASE?

What's this ChelsMePa bullshit? I grew up at 380 West 12th Street (right between ) and given that twenty years ago the co-op board was having frantic meetings wondering how to Protect The Children from the transvestite streetwalkers, I'd say the district goes at least that far south; and it certainly doesn't go up as far as 18th unless you fell asleep on the bus. Whether it extends to Hudson is slightly more open to debate, but this native says yes.

Aside from the space in Meatpacking, the district is in the wrong place. It's south of 14th, not on the piers. Although, I guess it depends on what kind of meat we're talking about, doesn't it??

uuuhhh...9th Ave & 18th Street ain't the Meatpacking District?

See, we told you it wasn't a trick question. Now, if someone could just let Mr. Starr know, so that he can correct his map.

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