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Ask Eater: 2nd Date on the UWS

A 'bamboozled' dater writes:

I've got a 2nd date Thursday night with a woman I really like. We're going to dinner. She lives on the Upper West Side (mid-70s).

Usually I'm pretty good at finding the right restaurant but the Upper West Side has me bamboozled -- there are so few really good places, let alone good places for a date. I want it to eat in her neighborhood so I can walk her home -- that way I have a much better chance of something more than a quick kiss as she gets in a cab.

So... what say you post my dilemma to your blog and let your readers come out of the wood work with all those great hidden date places?

You could even turn it into a regular feature -- especially apropos considering it's only 6 weeks to Valentine's Day. ;)

;) Anyone have any ideas for the gentleman dater? The She Loves NY in us can't help but kick things off: Genarro? 'Cesca up front?

Ok, your turn. Come on, folks, help a reader get laid, will ya?